Sunday, September 25, 2011

R.I.P. Vesta Williams, vocalist extraordinaire

One of my favorite singers Vesta died of a possible drug overdose Thursday, September 22, 2011. She was born December 1, 1957, in Coshocton, Ohio. I have used a noon chart since I don't have a birth time.

Last night, Karel , my go-to weekend radio host on KGO talk radio out of San Francisco, gave Vesta a beautiful tribute. He was her publicist back in the day and a friend for life. Karel called Vesta an extraordinarily gifted singer and kind person who was also a good mother to her child. He said she worked constantly in the biz providing back-up, songwriting, doing commercials and jingles, and had just signed a new recording contract.

Karel admitted they did serious drugs together, but said she had stopped as far as he knew. He also said she used prescription drugs like a typical 53-year old woman--Premarin, Ambien, etc.-and he knew because he saw them in her medicine cabinet. He hopes, he said, that it wasn't drugs but won't know until the toxicology reports come out. He said he was absolutely sure that it wasn't suicide, that she had much to live for, including the new contract. In any case, he asked, however she died, why should we look at her or anyone else as a lesser human being because of that? I think we forget that black entertainers, singers and artists serve as racial ambassadors, i.e. the Michael Jacksons, Duke Ellingtons, the Vestas of our world opened doors of goodwill for many black people whom people of other races didn't understand or had never met. No matter their flaws, I respect and thank them for giving their lives to their art and for us.

PERHAPS A GRAND TRINE [depending on her time of birth for the moon position]

Vesta possibly has a wonderful grand trine in her natal chart of Sun 9° Sag, Moon 5° Aries, and Uranus 11° Leo. This great fiery configuration brings great good fortune, vivacity and tons of energy, also probably a flashpoint temper. She had a string of hits in the 80s. However, her trine is tempered by Saturn conjunct the Sun at 15° Sag. Saturn puts the brakes on just when things are getting good.


Once she reached her first success pinnacle, she gained 100 lbs.; at 5'3" that was a major setback as a performer. She said in interviews, "After the shows, I was wearing the House of Waffles out." She has Venus square Jupiter, an indulgent and sweets-loving aspect that is responsible for weight gain; that Jupiter sq. in Libra can give kidney problems if there is imbalance. She said the weight gain stopped her career cold. She lost the weight but through admittedly unhealthy shortcuts, once losing 30 lbs. in three weeks. Excesses like this are the province of Jupiter which gives abundance, excess, good nature, good times, but too much is too much.


At her death, transiting Jupiter at 9° Taurus was exactly quincunx Vesta's natal Sun. Quincunxes are illness aspects. By helping others who are ill or doing charitable works for the less unfortunate, we can mitigate the effects of the aspect. The only problem is the outer planets-Jup, Sat, Ur, Ne & PL-are slow moving. It's hard to stay away from bad habits for long periods of time unless one has incredible discipline and motivation. Several people have commented that Vesta didn't look well on her last TV appearance on The Monique Show two months before she died. Vesta had the asteroid Vesta in Aries at 6° Aries, giving credence to her Moon being closeby. This is what says about Vesta in Aries:
Vesta in Aries gives a strong independence streak. One becomes self-motivated in work, and thrives when advancing one's own ideas or projects. Under stress, one can become too self-absorbed or fixated on personal goals to the detriment of maintaining intimacy with another. Supported by favorable aspects, Vesta here can be highly motivated to accomplish great deeds.


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