Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ballad for sarah palin's babymommadrama

Before anybody
politically right of center
says one word of defense
for this sweet young pale
pretty girl, can we hear
a disclaimer? Goes like this:

We regret demonizing whole
generations of young black
unwed females [not pale nor
considered pretty by white
ethnocentric persons]. We
regret stereotyping them
as immoral dregs on public
welfare rolls. We apologize
for not recognizing that
sexuality is a human trait
not a racial trait
and that teen pregnancy
happened in the "best of
homes" back in the day as well
before we did away with welfare
& forced these mothers into
mininum wage jobs two and three
bus rides away from their little
not-pale children [I believe you
called them bastards but we
invented better terms-
babymomma, babydaddy- that I know
all about because I'm not just
a grandma,I'm a babydaddymomma].
The kids were left all day
to watch tv and play video
games unsupervised. That's
what we call the bootiful
Clinton legacy. That's why
some very stoopid people
mistook Bill for a black prez.

But that's so 80s/90s.
Let us return to late 2008
when fair virgins of the
race get impregnated mysteriously
and became upright political footballs.

Let's let bygones be bygones and
remember the golden-white rule-
when people of color do it, it's evil
when whites do it, it's a badge of honor.

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