Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mercury Goes Retrograde [9.24-10.15]

Some people get spooked by Mercury Retrograde. I don't. It's snafu time, not life or death time. Because today, Sept. 24, it starts going backwards [not really, it just looks that way in the heavens above] at 21* Libra, the sign of partnerships, agreements, the public, it affects our relationships with others.

Here are some general dos and don'ts for the three week periods that occur three times a year:

Don't buy, sign for or sell key merchandise.
Try not to start a new job or project. [This is the general recommendation I've read for years. However, you can't stop breathing. I've started jobs, bought items, etc. Yes, sometimes, I have to go back and redo the buy. That's life.]

Don't expect resolutions made during this period to stick. They will probably need redoing or redrafting after October 15.
[Uh oh, whazzup with the $700 Billion bailout??!!]
If you can, postpone any kind of negotiations.

Don't indulge in heated debate--tempers flare, miscommunication is heightened.
Try not to get married.

Watch out for your electronics. They may need repairs or get misplaced.
When making travel plans watch out for last minute changes.
Don't ask for a raise or quit your job.

Make sure you have emergency numbers programmed into your cell phone, and a paper backup in your purse, the car, in your office desk.

What does work when Mercury goes retrograde? Which tasks should we tackle?

Tie up loose ends.
Re-do, re-check, go over details.
Stall on negotiations.
Get second opinions.
Be thorough in your affairs.
Finish up projects [This is music to a writer's ears. We get to work on that story, poem, essay, project that we shoved to the back burner weeks or months ago].
Repair and maintain anything.
Clean out the basement, closets, yard, garage.
Give clothes to charity.
Get rid of books you know you'll never read or books you won't re-read. They're old ideas hanging around. Let them go into the universe where someone else can use them.
Back up all your files, paperwork and put in a safe place.
Place all valuables in a secure place.
Get a safe deposit box.
Read a favorite book, poem, short story or view a movie again.

LISTEN and PAUSE before reacting or responding.
Saying these phrases may be helpful:
"Can I get back to you?"
"Let's come back to this after we've both calmed down."
"I need some time to think about this before I give you an answer."

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