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Alison Des Forges' fixed stars show her life of activism

Alison Liebhafsky Des Forges (20 August 1942 – 12 February 2009), an American historian and human rights activist, specialized in the African Great Lakes region and studied the Rwandan Genocide. She was killed on flight 3407 near Buffalo, NY.

The presence of Fomalhaut, Algol and Facies prominent in parans [angular when a planet was angular throughout her day of birth] is reflected in her life of activism and fighting for victims of genocide. Algol and Facies involve violence against which she dedicatedly fought. Fomalhaut is one of the four great mythical stars of Persia; Bernadette Brady says its presence in the chart will give one's life a pronounced mythical quality. It's interesting that the first names of note on the manifest of the Buffalo plane crash were Des Forges and the 9/11 widow-activist.

Brady also says that a planet culminating in paran is particularly strong. Des Forges has Sadalmelek as Moon was culminating, indicating that maternal/childhood influences enhanced her creative work and associations.
Capella angular as her Moon was culminating gives the freedom seeking for others that she displayed in her fight for genocide victims.
Fomalhaut as both Mercury and Mars culminated in her foundation show what she will be remembered for as well as the basic principles that underlay her lifework.

Phact - Rising - To seek that which is just out of reach, to plunge into the unknown

Acubens - Believing in the sacredness of life and seeking to be a Giver of Life

Altair - To use boldness and bravery as the guiding principles of her life

RISING - Stars of her youth
Alnilam as Jupiter is Rising: Success in bridging the gap from one social status to another
Bellatrix as Mercury is On Nadir - The craftsman and a person with alternative interests
El Nath as Saturn is Rising- Prepared to battle the establishment, a hard life
Sadalmelek as Moon is Culminating - Good, or fortunate, associations; one's creative work is well received

CULMINATING - Stars of her Prime
Fomalhaut as Mars is On Nadir - An idealistic warrior, mystical hero, or blind fanatic
Alkes as Moon is Rising - A person with a love of, and empathy for, life and nature
Algol as Sun is Rising - Passion that can inspire or destroy
Mirach as ¨ Venus is Rising- Beauty in body, soul or art

SETTING - Stars of her Latter Years
Sualocin as Moon is On Nadir- Good networker, helpful friends, and a popular person
Acubens as Venus is Setting- Happy relationship and to be blessed with good friends
Pollux as Venus is Setting - The artisan, or living an alternative lifestyle
Facies as Mars is On Nadir - Endurance, physical or mental, for good or evil
Sadalsuud as Sun is Rising - Fortune from difficulties
Acumen as Moon is Setting- hardships
Facies as Mercury is On Nadir - One who is judged harshly
Capella as Moon is Culminating- Seeking freedom for oneself and/or others

ON NADIR - Stars at the Foundation of her life
Fomalhaut as Mercury is Culminating -
To have an idealistic vision
Alkes as Mercury is On Nadir -
To undertake detailed and precise work
Fomalhaut as Mars is Culminating -
Am idealistic warrior, mystical hero, or blind fanatic
Diadem as Venus is Rising -
Appeasement - a person who can make compromises
El Nath as Mars is Setting-
To take physical action even in the face of strong opposition
Calculations from Starlight 1.0

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