Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lena Horne: A long fabled life comes to a close

Lena Horne passed Sunday night, May 9, in NYC, at 92 years of age. Bless her feisty heart and stubborn integrity. She was a role model for women and blacks because she fought to break down the barriers holding both down. Transiting Pluto [finality, transformation] was on her Midheaven at 5 Cancer, opposite her n. Pluto at 4 Cancer and n. Sun at 8 Cancer. This vertical axis, the IC/MC, is the ancestral line. She has returned to the original families who freely travel across time and space. Her n. Sun/Pluto at the IC shows she came here with a mission to transform, and that she did magnificently. She moved society, herself, her family, her race in new directions, often meeting strong resistance.

It wasn't easy. Erin Sullivan says: "When one is born with even one of the outer planets on the angles, or conjunct or in hard aspect to a personal planet, then one's task on earth is exceptional and difficult." This chart contains six such aspects: Sun/Pl/IC/NN; Ven/Sat/Nep; Mo/Ur; Su/Ur; Mo/Pl; and Pl/Asc.

Ms. Horne was a Plutonian person, her sun in Cancer conjunct Pluto and Moon in Scorpio, in mutual reception [in the other's sign]. Also her moon is in the eighth house, Pluto's house, and Pluto is in the fourth house, the natural house of both Cancer and the Moon. This lady was ready for the teddy from jump street. Legend has it that when champ Joe Louis was her beau, she gave him a run for his money-with her fist no less. On Donna Cunningham's How Strong is your Pluto? , Ms. Horne gets 39 points, a rating of "strong indeed."

To be a Plutonian means alternating between being isolated and being immersed in obsessive relationships; at worst, being controlling, mistrustful, emotionally intense, bitter, vengeful. She has written about marrying second husband Lennie Hayton: "It was cold-blooded and deliberate. I married him [Lennie] because he could get me into places a black man couldn't. But I really learned to love him. He was beautiful, just so damned good. I had never met a man like him." The interracial marriage was kept secret for three years.

At best, as her words, deeds and devotion showed, she dedicated her Plutonian energies to healing from the bitterness and loss in her life, and became a natural healer and catalyst in the lives of people around her.

Aries rising and Mars, her chart ruler, in Gemini along with Jupiter, strengthened her second house. These influences give one a strong voice, throat power, fierceness-and a good income. She spoke/fought against racism in her profession and during the civil rights struggles.

Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is at 29.56 Pisces in Ms. Horne's chart. This last degree of the zodiac, called the weeping degree in some texts, takes in everything for reprocessing, just before spring breaks through at the Aries Point[0 Aries].

Her NYTimes obit said she "might have become a major movie star, but she was born 50 years too early." Her passing accentuates her mission as a forerunner because, at death, t. Uranus was partile n. Chiron. A reminder to those who are young, black and fabulous in the profession that their successes grew out of the sacrifices, indignities and devotion of those who came before them.

b. June 30, 1917, 11:45 PM, Brooklyn Heights, NY. d. May 9, 2010, NYC
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