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Nelson Mandela: aspects for long life, long exile, enduring legacy

Nelson Mandela's fixed stars explain the life he has lived in mythic terms. The fixed stars, as explained in Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, pinpoint vast influences at specific stages of a person's life: in childhood; in one's prime [around 25 to 65 years]; in the latter years; and at the base of one's life and as one's lasting legacy. Brady's handbook on fixed stars uses parans, i.e. the simultaneous angularity of the stars in the heavens during the 24 hour period of the day of birth with planets in our solar system. It is not necessary to have the time of birth, only the place and date of birth. However, knowing the time of birth reveals fixed stars on the angles, a particularly pronounced influence. Mandela has none on the angles at birth, but has parans of great emphasis in each stage - Facies from beginning to long after his life ends, Antares as a childhood influence, Bellatrix and Spica in his latter years.

In June 2003, I saw actor Barry Shabaka Henley in his own play, Jungle Bells, at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose. He portrayed a homeless man, Alexander Pushkin, Martin Luther King Jr., and a Klansman. In the last scene, Henley shed the identities and broke the fourth wall to talk about his first trip to Africa. Granted a visit with Mandela, Henley said on the way to see him a cabbie talked candidly. The cabbie said, among other things, that peace such as it was would shatter the instant Mandela passed, that insurgents were holding back for the great man and nothing else, not for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission nor for nonviolence. Which of his ideals will live on is not determined by the stars; astrology is not strictly predictive. It's like a ballpark figure or an educated guess. Mandela's influence [we all know] is profound. Five planets in fixed signs [not the same as fixed stars] give his ideals and causes longevity. Two personal planets, Merc. in Leo and Moon in Scor., plus three transpersonal planets, Saturn and Neptune in Leo and Uranus in Aqua, indicate tenacity.

Antares, one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, symbolizes intense, probing obsession. Linked with his Mercury and accompanied by the charisma-givng Vega, from chldhood it has empowered his intellect and speaking voice. He developed these skills early.

Mandela's HELIACAL RISING STAR, Capella, shows his guiding influence to be one of freedom and fairness.

In position as the HELIACAL SETTING STAR is Facies, a star of pure combative energy. Facies in a chart foretells success accompanied by a tremendous struggle, the mythic journey come to life. In this position, it anticipates the shadow of war, the darkness of cruelty or aggression in his life from its inception; the ANC advocated armed struggle against the apartheid regime. This led him to prison for 27 years.

PARANS - BY ANGLE [Calculations from Starlight 1.0]
[Boldface = particularly pronounced conditions in his life]

RISING - The symbolism of these stars will appear in his childhood, adolescence and young adulthood and become a part of his make-up.
Zosma as Jupiter is Culminating - The Angel of Mercy; to have compassion
Vega as Mercury is Setting - A visionary with a very persuasive voice, or charismatic ideas
Antares as Mercury is Culminating - Mental obsession with a subject or a person

CULMINATING - The symbolism of these stars appears in the prime of his life and become an intricate part of his career or vocation and any causes he espouses.
Alhena as Mars is Rising - To fight for one’s ideas or beliefs
Toliman as Mercury is Setting - Dedicated to spreading information - Circumpolar
Mirach as Jupiter is Rising - An insatiable appetite for the physical world, money or people
Ras Alhague as Venus is On Nadir - A person who expands the collective's options by increasing the information available

SETTING - The symbolism of these stars manifests in old age, the latter part of life, or at the end of life as the sum total of his life.
Aculeus as Jupiter is Rising - The outsider; to take a different point of view
Bellatrix as Jupiter is Setting - The historian or priest, a person who is more interested in people than money
Spica as Sun is On Nadir - A talented person, to have a gift

ON NADIR - These stars are very close in meaning to the setting stars and relate to legacy and how he is remembered.
Mirfak as Moon is Culminating - Thrill seeker, the lover of a good fight or challenge
Diadem as Jupiter is Rising - A generous person, or one who uses others
Altair as Sun is Culminating - A bold and determined individual
Vega as Mars is Rising orb - An imaginative, inventive person; or too idealistic
Zuben Elgenubi as Sun is Rising - A person with a social conscience
Facies as Mars is Rising - Endurance, physical or mental, for good or for evil

While the parans above show his special calling, gifts and mission, parans for the larger, slow-moving planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto [below] are active for people born during this period for several months. Nelson Mandela was born in a tumultuous time period.

URANUS- Public opinion, Public expectations
Culminating when Phact is Rising - Seeking a new pathway, laws, or government
Setting when Aldebaran is Culminating - The population is asked to act with dignity and social awareness

NEPTUNE- The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
Culminating when Capella is Setting - Controversy over freedom and the rights of individuals

PLUTO- The Crises or the Changes that Occur
On Nadir when Canopus is On Nadir - Change of an establishment leader
Culminating when Canopus is Culminating - Change of an establishment leader
Setting when Betelgeuse is Setting - Benefits or breakthrough achieved in the wake of a disaster
Culminating when Denebola is Rising - A breakdown in the administration, or in the establishment's power
Setting when Rigel is Setting - The will of one person is imposed on society, a defiant act
On Nadir when Diadem is Setting - A lone sacrifice that can change a nation

b. 18 July 1918 2:54 PM, Umtata, South Africa
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