Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 5-June 10: critical turning points

Bernadette Brady, the UK astrologer and fixed stars authority, in her Visual Astrology newsletter, says, "[I]n the first 10 days of June, as Mars moves over the top of Regulus, opposing Neptune, it is in the phase of descending into the Underworld, so is more inclined towards anger and rash action. This by itself should not raise any concern, except that there are two others 'players' on the stage at the moment.

"On 3rd and 4th of June a bright moon moves into the stars of Aquarius just as a radiating Venus moves over Wasat, in Gemini, the star which is in itself a 'turning' star, a place where the world changes, a place of beginnings and ends....The Gulf oil spill and the Greece Bailout - are 'hot', so to speak, being reflected or reflections of the sky story.

"What is being suggested is that the first few weeks of June will see big developments in both these stories - things moving to a resolution or a point of no return. For those of us seeking a greater understanding of visual astrology it is a time to watch with 'sky awareness'.

"In your own life, at the moment, you may well find that things are happening in pairs which seem to be running parallel in their development. If you are struggling for the resolution of an issue, then it is highly likely that around the 5th to 10th June this issues will take a sudden turn which forces the issue one way or the other."

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