Friday, June 24, 2011

Caught: James "Whitey" Bulger

James "Whitey" Bulger was arrested June 22, 2011, with his companion Catherine Greig, in Santa Monica, Ca, where he had been living quietly since at least 1995. His long submersion as a fugitive was made possible by Neptunian cash, complicity and companionship.

He was said to have "set up safe deposit boxes, containing cash, jewelry, and passports, in locations across North America and Europe including Florida, Oklahoma, Montreal, Dublin, London, Birmingham (UK) and Venice. In December 1994, Bulger was informed by retired FBI Agent John Connolly that sealed indictments had come from the Department of Justice and that the FBI was due to make arrests during the Christmas season. In response, Bulger fled Boston on December 23, 1994, accompanied by his common law wife, Theresa Stanley." Thus began his flight from the underworld of organized crime in Boston into the netherworld of the fugitive.

Before even examining his chart, I'm expecting a strong Neptune because of his elusiveness and infamy, and all the duality in his life. He was elusive to his would-be captors for nearly 16 years, an informer for the FBI on the Mafia, head of his own Winter Hill Gang, a drug trafficker, bookmaker, and loan shark. Absent a birth time I've set up a noon chart. The U.S. FEDERAL DECENNIAL CENSUS gives his birth date as Sept. 3, 1929, in Boston.

POW! There it is, Neptune at 1° Virgo, conjunct his Leo Midheaven at 29° Leo, both placements close to a New Moon Sun/Moon combo at 10°/13° Virgo. This busy combo in Virgo, a sign of efficiency and competence, inconjuncts his n. Uranus The Outcast, the rebel, at 10° Aries [partile=exact, giving it a strong position and influence in his life]. An inconjunct often points to incompatibility, something that is missing, absent. When his father lost an arm {Mercurial] in an industrial accident [Virgo rules the 6th house of work], Bulger, the oldest son, had to help with the daily bread.
Coulda been a contender Unlike his younger brother William who became a prominent politician and president of UMass, Whitey was the Southie gangsta early on. But his life had a strongly Neptunian caste: he became a mythic figure, ran a huge operation, stole millions, traveled abroad, had numerous glamorous companions-all part of the nebulous glamour of Neptune. The watery planet also dissolves partnerships, fortunes, whole towns [remember Katrina]. What comes in goes back out, like the tide. Now supposedly FBI and other corrupt officials and police are on tenterhooks: Will Whitey betray them and spill the beans? In mob mythology loyalty is key. But a Neptunian's loyalty can switch in a heartbeat.
Well-aspected Venus in Leo Handsome as a young man, Bulger has a Venus with no difficult aspects and sextile his Mars/Mercury conjunction in Libra [helpful, active friends and siblings], and trine his Uranus in Aries. This Venus gives him a taste for extremely attractive ladies, but they must travel well and fit in with his unusual lifestyle. Theresa Stanley, with whom he'd had a common law union beginning in 1969, fled with him. After three years she returned to Boston and her children. Greig, another girlfriend, replaced her.
He's a partnership person Having a partner was important to his criminal enterprises and equally important in his submerged life. Pictures of Greig show that she dumbed down her looks, stopped dyeing her blond hair and let it go white. Greig might have been a courier for Bulger, visiting and retrieving his money from some of the safe boxes. for which crimes she could be charged.

People with a pronounced or elevated Neptune require great sacrifices from those around them. The Mother Theresas and Martin Luther Kings and other gurus compel us to escape the boundaries of our quotidian lives and follow them to a greater place. Or, they lure us into drugs, crossing the line between legal and illegal, or sad love affairs. If he did strangle barehanded two girlfriends of henchmen as alleged, these men paid the Neptunian price: glamour, glitz, grief and sorrow.

Patrick Nee said after joining ranks with Whitey: "Whitey and I were now officially partners and nobody at that table could ever have possibly imagined how this treacherous fuck would treat his partners" [ A Criminal and an Irishman 132]. Treachery is Neptune's special gift.

Why was he caught from an astrological viewpoint? 1] his Saturn, at 23° Sag, is being punched in the groin by the transiting North Node. Time to pay up, Saturn says, whether we want to or not. Both of his oppositional axes are being hit. His very lively and outspoken Mars/Merc conjunction in Libra is opposed natally by Uranus at 10° Aries. Saturn moving through Libra is balancing the scales.

2] Saturn by transit on his 8° Libran Mars [drive, ambition, healthy aggression] opposes n. Uranus this week. Slow-moving Saturn, at 8°-11° Libra in October 2010, triggered the sensitive spots. I disbelieve news reports that the FBI got a tip recently from a woman abroad that led to the capture. More likely they've had him in their sights for some time and began pinning it down last October, probably closely watching Greig's movements to and from the cash.

Mars trine Jupiter is the great lucky aspect for gamblers and risk takers of all walks of life. When you've got this bad boy in your chart, you can go a long time on sheer luck. But Jupiter opposes Saturn in Bulger's natals. That's the societal aspect. When social norms change, the person with this aspect falls out of favor. Jup-Sat contacts are common in politicians' charts. When we look at his life, Bulger really was a politician-he bought influence and paid off cops. Infamously, he's said that Christmas is for cops and kids; he spread $$$ to both. I would think that when the South Node crosses Jupiter at 14° Gemini late Nov-early Dec., 2011, poetic justice will prevail. The form it takes with the Gemini-Sag axis of siblings, higher courts, religion is intriguing. Brother William might sacrifice again for his older brother. A deathbed confession to a priest could appease his victims' families. He's a New Moon person. They make 180° changes all their lives. He can make another one.

A psychopath is a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy. Bugler's actions, like many who kill indiscriminately, are psychopathic. Yet, something has to be righted as his violent chapter of wrong comes to its close. It's likely the court will decide, not Bugler.

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