Sunday, July 18, 2010

What makes someone "Plutonian?"

"What are plutonic qualities and attributes ?

"I see Pluto symbolizing, amongst other things, the deeper genetic current of our nature; the vast intelligence and powerful influence of DNA. I think women who bear children automatically become more plutonic simply by having participated in the plutonic shock of childbirth. Pluto relates to Hades, Lord of Death and the Underworld. Those who have survived near-death experiences, I think, also become by default more plutonic.

"To become more plutonic means to have absorbed the shock of impermanence, that nothing lasts and nobody lives forever. To live with the constant awareness of impermanence is to live a transformative or plutonic life. As one becomes transformed, one also becomes the transformer; whoever becomes catalyzed, also becomes a catalyst. The plutonic shocks we absorb can either immobilze us or turn us into conduits for the transmission of these shocks to the world of others. We know who we are.

"Whatever does not kill us, makes us stronger and often, stranger. Anyone embodying plutonic qualities often appears as a stranger -- and sometimes, a threatening stranger -- to the greater populace still asleep inside the notion that they will live forever." - from tribes, July 6, 2008

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