Sunday, May 11, 2008

amazing horoscopic synastry between Cannon & Carey

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have an amazing horoscopic hook-up. She has a stellium [3 or more planets] in Aries and he has a stellium in Libra. That means those sets of planets were in opposition to each other which in turns means they had to build a bridge to each other [the video I presume]. After that it was on and popping.

This is a love match; they have strong Venus connections. Her Venus has a favorable trine [120*] to his Neptune--a dreamy love connection. Look at her name written in script across his shoulder blades. His Venus trines her Saturn--an aspect of longevity and commitment. This is a long haul relationship however it turns out.

These lovebirds do have a clashing aspect, his Saturn to her Chiron, but they really have far more strong connections:
  • her Pluto to his Jupiter/Saturn; this is a very strong societal connection. Perhaps they would have been biz partners in any case. Also he's no lightweight with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Obama has a Jup-Sat conjunction-people destined to affect society in a big way.
  • his Moon to her Uranus shows the sudden domestic change for them;
  • her Mercury's in Aries and his is in Scorpio. This means that each's planet of communication[Mercury] is in a Mars-ruled sign, so they have fiery hot talk for days;
  • sextiles in the chart show the friendliness between them.

I was surprised by the suddenness of it all but see soul mates written all over their compatibility chart.

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