Sunday, May 11, 2008

Obama and treachery from others

Transiting Mars opposition Obama's natal Saturn [Apr. 28-May 2] represented a critical culmination for him. Astrologer Robert Hand cautions this transit brings other people's aggressive actions which block one's success. Hand also says the native may not have prepared adequately for the challenges that any personal initiative must face. Sounds like the Rev. Wright debacle that Obama may not have reckoned with theretofore.

This was treachery since Rev. Wright, Barbara Reynolds and the Clintons colluded on this one, whether overtly or unconsciously-and I have my suspicions knowing how dirty politics is. I wouldn't be surprised if cash or promises were horse-traded here. This is high stakes.

Treachery from others comes under the aegis of Neptune. Obama's natal Neptune gets three squares from natal Sun/Mercury/Jupiter. The opposition of his natal Mercury to natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction [two planets within six degrees of each other] with natal Neptune forms a t-square [this looks like a triangle-two planets 180* apart with a third 90* equidistant from each]. This will always, always bring up conflict, internal and external, and in Obama's case, bombast [Jupiter] and distortion [Neptune] from others.

Also his natal Mercury, the planet of speech and fast stepping, is septile his natal Mars [51 degrees apart]. Septiles are both spiritual and fated aspects and play out with force in the 51st year of life which would be 2012, the fourth year of an Obama presidency.

This septile is responsible for his passionate, dramatic style of communicating, and also for that quick-footed way he hops onto platforms. It gives a sense of mission or divine imperative in the expression of ideas and desires, the ability to inspire and motivate people, and the feeling that it is somehow his destiny to do so [all of which this campaign has brought to the light].

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