Sunday, May 11, 2008

Obama's grand trines in earth and water signs

I keep stepping back from his chart and seeing the double grand trines, one of which forms the kite. These extremely fortunate combos have planets 120 degrees [*] apart in three contiguous trines.

His watery grand trine has Venus [love, affection, what we attract to us] at 1* Cancer trine to Neptune [compassion, sympathy, inspiration, oil, drugs, creativity] at 8* Scorpio trine the third planet Chiron[the wounded Healer] at 5* Pisces. This is indicated in his life by the difficult childhood circumstances, the parental separation, his father living so far away. As he's expressed in his books, he worked through the anguish of his youth to become a healing force in the world.

Pluto[societal concerns] at 6* Virgo forms the kite, making sextiles [60 * angles] to Venus and Neptune.

His cha-cha flows like water. When he met Michelle she wouldn't date him because they worked together. So he told her he'd quit, and he got another position. That's flow; when you're fluid, you don't get stuck. It also means that he will take meaningful social action as a prez around water issues. He's promised that a Katrina debacle won't take place on his watch.

When I first studied astrology I so envied grand trine people, as I called them. I thought it meant their lives were forever lucky. It took many moons for me to observe the inclination to hold onto fortunate patterns/relationships/jobs/homes, past the point of usefulness, because the influence is so strong. It represents good deeds done in past lives coming to fruition in this one. Obama has many squares, planets in conflict and 90* apart, to keep him on the move, lifelong-striving, hustling, reaching, searching. He's not a plateau person.

His Moon sextiles Mercury. Mercury sextiles in a person's chart bring friendships and talkativeness, even glibness.

A person with a kite formation in the natal horoscope has grand ideas and, like a kite runner, keeps putting them up and out there. The gusts of wind pick up the kite and off he or she goes with kite in hand, i.e. making ideas concrete.
[Obama has a 7:24 pm birthtime, 4 Aug 1961, in Honolulu]

His Moon at 3* Gemini trines his Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 25* Capricorn/0* Aquarius. These positions also trine his Mars at 22* Virgo, giving the Moon, a light, a wide orb.

This blended air and earth sign trine gives him an abundance of common sense, earthiness, grounding, a liking for material goods, the here and now, and a great ability to circumnavigate this great earth. The travelling involved in politics no doubt is much to his liking; he will be a prez who goes all over, not a shut-in by any stretch of the imagination.

Also that earthiness means he can pick himself up once he's down. He looked a forlorn figure for a minute while defending himself against Wright, taking the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. He's either building enormous sympathy or enormous antipathy from all this guilt by association.

Whatever doesn't kill his candidacy keeps making it stronger.

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