Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden with the other USA Chart still compelling

The synastry with Biden and the Gemini rising USA chart is equally compelling because the planetary aspects remain the same except for the Moon which moves fastest of all.

The USA Moon, earlier in Aquarius, squares Biden's Mercury, indicating the squabbling and adamant pronouncements he's known for. Still no favorable aspects from Biden's chart to the USA Moon exist.

The Gemini rising USA chart does place Biden's key Saturn right on the USA Ascendant conj. the USA Uranus. That Saturn-Uranus hookup portends the great "thrilla in manilla" between the mighty old system, i.e. the USA that's very 20th century. And the future, text messaged to generation X's palm.

It's interesting that the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition falls exact on election day 2008. Biden's like a suspicious troop reinforcement in the battle of the old guard vs. the new guard. He looks old guard, he's 65, he's a part of the establishment, he talks tough militarily. But here he is supporting the new guy. Is this a trick? Is he really going to be supportive?

Sometimes it's good to look at the year or era of a person's birth to understand him or her better. To have been born in 1942 means one's parents, one's infancy was full of war talk, rations, women left at home while thousands went overseas to fight. We tend to romanticize war in retrospect, but WWII required tremendous sacrifice-twenty million victory gardens, freezing hosiery to make it last, FDR's fireside chats.

Just like the generation of the Great Depression-era 30s never forgot the harshness and economies of that era, those born in war don't forget its lessons nor its requirements. Perhaps Biden is harbinger of more war than we can imagine right now, exhausted from Iraq, our attention momentarily diverted from the horrific pictures of Georgia, Israel/Palestine, Darfur, etc. by the prospect of a charismatic young President at the helm.

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