Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scenario - how the Palin pick might play out

Brilliant idea from "gorefan" on the First Look posts at MSNBC:
Some are describing her as Dan Quayle in a dress (because of her lack of experience), others as a female Alberto Gonzales (because of the hiring and firing scandal), but I see her as the female TOM EAGLETON.
I see it playing out like this: After the convention, the press will descend on her and McCain with questions about the firing of state employee for personal reasons, and then they will ask about the budget deficit she left as mayor of Wasilla. It will be a constant barrage and distraction from the message of the campaign. Next the National Enquirer will run stories about her not be the mother of the infant baby. Finally, after several weeks of agony for the Republicans, Gov. Palin will announce that she is withdrawing her name from the Republican ticket. The McCain campaign will accept the resignation, and McCain will hold a press conference to denounce the media as "agents of titillation" only concerned with scandals which increase their ratings. He will blame the democrats and entrenched political establishment for practicing the "politics of destruction" for driving a "good decent woman, mother of five, and mother of soldier currently in Iraq, from public service." but he will save his sharpest criticism for his own Republican party and the social conservatives who use "narrowly defined litmus tests" to eliminate perfectly qualified candidates who fail those tests. He will say that the only litmus test that he will apply is whether the candidate is ready to be President of the United States. Several days later, no longer under the constraints of a nominating convention, he will pick his real choice, his friend, his soul mate Joe Lieberman to be his running mate. He will also announce that like his hero Teddy Roosevelt, if elected he will not seek a second term.

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