Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin an interesting v.p. choice - Klondike Barbie?

McCain's v.p. pick, Sarah Palin, was born Feb. 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho. I felt a strong revulsion this morning at the announcement of the pick at seeing Palin's daughter holding the newborn baby. It just looked wrong, like the young daughter is doing the parental job. I wondered, what is Palin doing--about to commit so much time to campaigning when she has a special needs infant to take care of and another who is four? Perhaps my Obama bias is kicking in.

Nevertheless, Palin's Sun/Saturn/Mars conjunction in Aquarius is a doozy of a configuration, in Aq., signature of trailblazers, stubborn, unusual even eccentric personalities. The sq. from Neptune says she blazes the trail, holds the stubbornness in an inspired, if sometimes misguided way.

I hope Palin's TOB surfaces soon.

Her Neptune is fully aspected, sq. n. Sun, sesqui. Venus, sq. Mars and Saturn, rather frightening contacts with the planet of delusion and oil. It quintiles Mercury and possibly her Moon for sure.

The sesquiquadrate, planets 135 degrees apart, provides irritation or agitation to the planets involved, thus its reputation for being an aspect of stress. Obbviously having five children, a husband, a political career, and being an athletic outdoorswoman, Ms. Palin knows how to handle stress.

This campaign is so interesting. Each of the four candidates on the tickets has a compelling tragedy/circumstance--death and being widowed [Biden], abandonment [Obama], captivity [McCain], Downs' syndrome [Palin].

Palin has three biquintiles, special talents and abilities, to Uranus from her Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. So her personal planets, thus her personal life, is very Uranian. The hunting, fishing, snowboarding show that.

McCain has Uranian biquintiles also, from n. Mercury and Jupiter, and with his Moon/Chiron. Lots of special talents on this ticket which will unfold in the next 66 days.

Someone on Huffington's post called Palin Klondike Barbie. Her Venus might be angular and taking even more stress than indicated by two natal sextiles to personal planets and a sesquis. to Neptune.

Obama has biquintiles too, one from Jupiter to Pluto, both outer planets, thus the societal impact and grandness of his vision, and another from Mars to his rising sign, showing that he is indefatigueable.

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