Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin and the maternity of her Downs Syndrome baby-her daughter's?

This site has brought up the spectre of Palin's Downs' Syndrome baby being her teenage daughter's baby:

Palin's Sun/Saturn/Mars conjunction in Aquarius is quite a forceful configuration, in Aq., signature of trailblazers, stubborn, unusual even eccentric personalities. The squares to it can mean lying, deception, hidden problems, whereas the opposition [in Richard Nixon's chart] points to betrayal from others.

Donna Cunningham says Outer Planet Person aspects-Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto strongly aspected or angular in the natal chart-give checkerboard lives, make for the kind of people who do many different things until they find their way in their forties. I'm a Uranian, so I know the drill.

Her Neptune is aspected abundantly, as it also is sesqui. Venus. The sesquiquadrate, 135 *, is interpreted as providing an irritation or agitation on the planets involved, thus its reputation for being an aspect of stress. Obviously having five children, a husband, a political career, and being an athletic outdoorswoman, Ms. Palin knows how to handle stress.

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